About Us

Appledale Processors Co-operative is a co-operative which commence operations in March 1978, a fully owned and operated Australian co-operative.

Appledale was founded by a group of Orange district growers and orchardists with the principal objective of ensuring that the efficient and cost effective methods were implemented for utilising the processing grade fruit produced in the district.

Orange is located in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, 290km west of Sydney.  The elevation of Orange ranges between 900m to 1400m and it is this elevation and clean air environment which enables it to produce their world famous quality fruit.  The temperature varies from 33°C in summer to minus 6°C in winter.  The surrounding area is dominated by an extinct volcano, Mount Canobolas, which rises to a height of 1500 metres and much of the fruit is grown on the slopes of this mountain.

Orange is one of Australia’s largest apple producing areas with apple and pear crops being harvested from March to May.  Stone fruit is harvested from December to February.

Appledale’s processing plant is located in Orange and the co-operative owns a operating orchard on the outskirts of Orange, ensuring continuity of fruit supply throughout the year to meet our customer requirements.